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Contributing to society through research and development of superior, original technology and products

Garuda Insight has Mission

Garuda Insight has mission “contributing to society through research and development of superior, original technology and products.”


Improve People’s Quality of Life

Garuda Insight aims to help improve people’s quality of life, and to achieve a sustainable society through innovations based on digital technology.




Smart Health

Cutting-edge healthcare solution that seamlessly integrates technology and data-driven innovations to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare operations

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Intelligent Business

Harnesses core AI capabilities and offers end-to-end solutions, empowering partners across diverse industries for transformative success

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Smart City

Modern urban environment that leverages technology and data-driven solutions to enhance the quality of life for its residents

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Garuda Insight offers a career opportunity for part time/full time software engineer, and internship student to develop innovative image analysis and artificial intelligence.

Duties and responsibilities:

The appointed software engineer will undertake high quality research and development in artificial intelligence for medical imaging. The successful candidate will be expected to have a background in image computing, statistical machine learning, and scientific programming (Python, C/C++, Java, Matlab). Experience in deep learning is beneficial. We offer the full time and part time position with flexible working time.

Further information:

To completing the online application, candidates should attach:

  • A full CV
  • A page research statement indicating what you see are interesting research issues relating to the above post and why your expertise is relevant
  • Any element relating your experience/passion for software engineering (paper. Blog, github repositories and others) will be carefully inspected.

Garuda Insight commit to equality and valuing diversity, all applicants will be considered with equal opportunities regardless race, color, ethnic origin, age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or other personal circumstances or disadvantage.